Thursday, June 27, 2013

Melbourne VIC 12/03/13

Bieber is back plus hotter than ever before. This concert tour has been fascinating the whole world, many people even attend multiple concerts it's so high-quality. He will soon be coming to Melbourne, VIC Rod Laver Arena on 12/03/13, be sure to go to the venue if you'd like to watch him as soon as he arrives.

Click the picture down below to see which seats continue to be available.

This specific tour has been going on since 2012, and it is in no sight of stopping. You will find dates available right until 2014, which does not actually offer you too much time left. Overall, there are actually gonna be well over a hundred events all throughout the globe.

It was way back in May 23 in 2012 that this concert tour first came to light. This was when Bieber was on the Ellen degeneres program. After the announcement was created in that program, folks began to notice shows being publicized for America and Ontario. The United Kingdom was the following place that had shows scheduled to get played. The year 2013 is loaded with lots of performances scheduled too, you will find Bieber in countries including England, Ontario, Japan, as well as The united states.

In America this tour was a great financial success, many of the stops sold out in a single hour. At the concert in New York City Madison Square Garden it just took twenty two secs to sell out.